We present an extensive personal guide to parents that will enable you to choose the most effective school programs for your children.


With over two dozen public school districts, and more than 200 private secular, parochial, and special needs schools in the Greater Houston area, families relocating here are faced with a multitude of educational options for their children. This service specifies viable school options to meet the needs of the individual child and family. The options are based on input obtained from the parents through phone conversations, email, completion of a questionnaire, and meetings in person when possible. Information is also gathered by reviewing school records, any testing and evaluation results that may identify special abilities or disabilities, and any other relevant information provided by the parents.


All consultations are confidential.


"We feel so fortunate to have found Dee Dee!  We made the decision to relocate to Houston (from New York City) in May and were nervous about finding the right schools for our children.  Dee Dee took the time to speak with us about all of the school options in the Houston area - both public and private - and helped us to find the best fit for our children and family.   She was always available to talk through difficult decisions and make calls on our behalf.  Her extensive knowledge of local schools and kind, caring nature has definitely helped us to feel more at ease with the school selection process."


- Lauren and Brian K.

"When planning to relocate from Johannesburg to Houston for a work opportunity, our main priority was to find good schools for our three children, aged between 7 and 10 years old.   Our eldest child required learning support and we thus had to find an appropriate school for him and a good public school for our younger two.   Dee Dee was great in helping us identify a few options for each school, arranging visits to the schools and helping us to select our preferred option.   It has all worked out really well and we are grateful for the support received."


- a BHP Client

"My daughter entered 8th grade and I became overwhelmed with all of the choices for high school. Being new to Houston and new to the U.S., I was looking for someone to hold my hand throughout the process. Dee Dee and Julie did just that. They presented us with many school options for my daughter, both private and public, and carefully talked us through each application process. They made sure all of our deadlines were met, and that all of our information was correct. We were so pleased with the options we ended up with, and our daughter is now in the perfect school for her."

- Na. W.

"Why aren’t more people talking about how hard it is to decide where to send your kiddo to school? As a non-native Houstonians and a divorced couple who had two addresses to choose from in terms where to send our kid to school, we were OVERWHELMED to say the least. Julie helped my ex-husband and I narrow down the plethora of options, choices, districts, and everything else that made this huge decision even more stressful. Her experience having toured other schools and being a teacher herself made us feel taken care of and like she’d done the due diligence for us. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone in a unique situation like ours."

- Megan S.